Campaign Start time?

When I create a new campaign, the start time is automatically setting a time 5 hours in the future. This seems to have started when I updated my php installation. ( I think)
Any suggestions on where to look to schedule it for immediate sending? Screenshot attached…

This a timezone issue? David had some issue with this once before I think…

I checked on my RC1 and I don’t have the issue. What does your server time say?

Here’s a screen shot of the scheduling immediately after I create a campaign:

For some reason it’s always 5 hours later… and this just started happening in the last 2 months.

@michiel said can you take this over to mantis and he will start investigating with you :smile:

I ended up installing the timezone plugin, and that appears to have solved the issue (v3.2). If it comes back, I’ll log it in Mantis. Thanks!

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