Campaign short of breath

I will try to keep it short. I installed 3.6.7 because 3.6.5 was giving the same problem. The problem is that when I launch a campaign, the statistics show 541 messages sent and then it quits. I set the config to define(“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE”,0); I tried a few other settings to no avail. The database isn’t that big, only 3300 emails. Do I need to update my PHP on the server? Any other ideas?

@fmw It sounds that you are processing the queue through the browser. phplist sends only for one minute, to try to avoid timeouts, but then some javascript should reload the page automatically. Possibly there is a problem with that.

The recommended way is to use a cron job, see the online manual for an explanation.

You are correct that I access PHPlist with a browser but it runs on the web server. Curious that it could send 541 emails in a minute. I will look into it. By the way the problem isn’t PHP. I enabled PHP version 8. It didn’t help.