Campaign sent in error

By mistake I sent my test to the live group. I saved the campaign as a draft and deleted it. I “now” realize I should have marked it as sent to stop processing. I’m set to send 360 an hour, and 1200 went to the queue. Will other messages get sent when the cron job kicks in in about 20 minutes or so? What to do?

Where is the queue?

Newbie stuggle

you can stop the cron job
then start and pause the campaign (if you can )

then stop the campaign, it will then send no more.

in the default mode, the system will see that there are emails ready to go, but not sent yet (the queue). I believe that once you delete a message, it removes all of the ‘ready to send’ messages that are related to the message.

I think you are ok…

@danwaterloo Thanks. I think I may be ok, too, because I didn’t (yet) get any more mail failure, unsubscribes after the first send. But I would like to know how to stop a cron job, and how to see the queue.