Campaign Plugin - Copying message details specified in Edit Areas

Hi Duncan,
As you know, your recent update to copy over the old list and segment settings works fine.
Having processed a campaign included editable areas, I copied this to a new draft campaign in the usual way.
As I am not using the normal message area within this campaign, all the message content is held within the edit areas. Unfortunately, all of these details seem to have been lost during the copy.
Please can you add this information to the details being copied across.


@Geoff Just upgrade to the latest version of the plugin.

Hi Duncan,
I have done that, and the message is not showing. See the screen captures below…
It looks like the message has been reset to the campaign template, and not the original message content.
On the original campaign, the images at the top are hidden, and the repeatable data-edit text area has been updated.

I mean the Content Areas plugin. But I suggest that you just update all plugins.

Updating the Content Area plugin has made no difference.
It is still doing the same thing when I try to edit the copy of a sent campaign.

Did you copy the campaign after upgrading the Content Areas plugin?

Yes - even I would think it would be necessary to do that,

@Geoff Have you altered the template since the first campaign was sent?

Can you look at the database directly? In the messagedata table look for a row with name ContentAreas and id of the new campaign. That should be a copy of the row for the original campaign.

Hi Duncan, it appears that the copy I downloaded did not get applied to the server correctly via ftp.
Everything is fine now.