Campaign only sends first batch


First of all, congratulations for your great software.

I have a long list, I created a campaign and sent from the standard screen but only the first batch is sent.

The point is, initially as a test, I created a list with 3 subscribers, set batch size to send 1 by 1 and set the period to 5 minutes and all worked perfectly. Each 5 minutes a mail was sent until the end.

Now for the real case I have set to send in batches of 194 each hour. As said, the first batch is sent and nothing else. I have left the screen open as specified in the manual for hours and hours.

One question, Could it be due to cookie time expiration of the open screen?

The initial sending was yesterday evening. Today, in the morning, I have resent the campaign, and it detects that 194 were sent, so it has sent another 194 mails, but the screens shows the same as yesterday, so I guess nothing else will be sent.

The screen of today shows below messages, that are the same as yesterday, just changing the figure total mails to be sent (I am translating to english so words could not be exact)

Send queue

Processing queued campaigns

Please wait, processing your request

194 / xxxx


Processing started

One campaign to process

Please keep this window open. phplist will process his queue till all messages have been sent. This will take a while.

The prcessing report will be sent by emial

Processing message 8

Searching users

Found: xxxx to process

Then in the frame down it repeats many times this paragraph:

It was sent a size smaller than the batch , so it will be reloaded immediately.

In the last 3,600 seconds more mails were sent (194) of what are allowed per batch (194).

State of script: 5

Ended nothing to do

Many thanks

@admon It might be more effective to use a much smaller batch size and interval, say 3 emails every minute.

But using a cron job is the best way to control the sending of the queue.

Many thanks for the answer.

Later on accidentally I changed the open screen with the process, so I had to refresh the screen again.

Then it asked for user and password and the system sent another batch.

At the end after each hour I did the screen refresh and the system sent another batch.

I can proceed this way next time, but I guess there should be an automated way, leaving the screen open as the docs suggest.

So, do you know if there is any reason for not working in an automated fashion with these batches and frequency? I can only think of the session cookie life period, if it expires in less than an hour, but perhaps there are another settings.

Also, do you know how long lasts the session cookie?

Many thanks again