Campaign not completing send process

Sent out a campaign and it went to all but 1 list member.
It keeps attempting and nothing happens…
It does not give me a reason or the name of the list member…
Bottom of processing screen verbiage:

Script stage: 5
1 failed (will retry later)
Finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently

Can anyone give me a clue re: my next step to resolve this?

Thanks in advance


Finally found something… found my way to the eventlog and looking thru MANY MANY entries related to the current campaign process, I found this:

Error sending email to Could not instantiate mail function.

SHould phpList have done something other than hundreds of resends?
What is this error telling me?

<Mod edit - Removed actual email address, subscriber will not appreciate having email addy harvested by being posted publically>

That error message means that phpList cannot talk to the mail server.
What are your phpmailerhost settings? (in the config.php)
Does your hosting company limit your sending rates, and your are exceeding those rates?


Appreciate the response…

At some point phpList needs to take a breathe and stop re-trying along
with the offending email address in a notification, instead of hundreds
of retries and no understandable indications

define (“TEST”,0);

The hosting company, 1and1, does not appear to be limiting anything.
Only trying to send to the ONE remaining email address

If it’s an email address that phpList is getting hung up on, and you have direct access to the database, you can look up the email address on the list that was NOT sent to, and delete it.

This happened to me once, and once I identified the bad email address and deleted it, it solved the problem.

I have identified the email address via the event log file… had not
deleted it in case it might be needed to help resolve the problem… it
appears to be a phplist bug…

I guess I could delete it…


When this sort of problem happens you should mark the subscriber as unconfirmed. Then phplist will complete sending the campaign.
If there are lots of these errors then just suspend the campaign. You can then mark it as complete.
But I guess that there must be something odd about that email address, or your hosting company is blocking sending all emails. Usually phplist will automatically mark as unconfirmed any addresses that fail to be sent.

Your hosting company 1and1 will have a limit on the rate at which phplist should send. Often if the rate is exceeded then this kind of error is reported.

Further to what @DuncanC says, 1&1 do have a sending limit. They recommend sending out no more than 55 emails per minute, with a 10 second delay between “mailings”. Reading their instructions this seems to mean send 55 mails, then a 10 second delay, then the next 55 mails etc but do read it for yourself and adjust your sending speed to match.

Thank you for the info… never knew that … will check things out!

Had the same issue as described when I attempted to send to that address
8 hours later and the next 2 days…

I attempted to send emails to the offending email address via several
apps and they all had issues with that domain… deleted it and all is

Once again thanks!


please see my response to Dragonrider…

Appreciate the response…