Campaign Management Plugin installed, doesn't appear

The Campaign Management Plugin ( installed without error messages, but I don’t see a navigation link to use it. I have phpList 3.3.1, and these plugins:

Name Campaigns Plugin
version 2.3.1+20170625

Name Captcha Plugin
version 2.1.0+20161129

Name CKEditor plugin
version 2.1.3+20160603

Name Common Plugin
version 3.7.1+20171111

Name FCKeditor plugin for phpList
version 0.2

PHP 5.4.45

@bobp Did you resolve this? The menu item should appear if the plugin has been enabled.

Yes, you mentioned enabling it so I checked and it seems “enabling” is required after installation. I didn’t expect that. Now I know. Thanks.

Looks like I need to set date.timezone to avoid PHP errors. That’ll be straightforward enough.