Campaign click statistics CSV export not working


we are using phpList for some time. Starting with version 3.3.x we encountered a problem with the CSV Download on the “Campaign click statistics” page. Thats why we sticked with an old version but needed / wanted to update to 3.3.3 because of GDPR stuff.

So, clicking on download CSV creates a CSV with some HTML code as only content: (cant paste the code here and no idea how to do the code block :slight_smile: )

instead of the actual content.
This worked fine < 3.3.x.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thank you guys.

@Force You are right, it seems to have been a problem since release 3.3.1. This small change to the URL behind the “Download as CSV file” button seems to fix it
file admin/actions/mclicks.php line 104

$status .= '<p class="pull-right">'.PageLinkButton('mclicks&dl=true', s('Download as CSV file')).'</p>';

change to

$status .= '<p class="pull-right">'.PageLinkButton('pageaction&action=mclicks&dl=true', s('Download as CSV file')).'</p>';

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Works, thanks a lot!

would have taken me ages to figure that out :slight_smile: