Campaign behavior after editing a sent campaign

I want to send a campaign to anyone who subscribed to my “All Newsletters“ list, but only if they live OUTSIDE the United States. In about 2 weeks, I want to add additional verbiage to the text and edit the subject line, then resend to everyone else on that list, including US subs, and also add a few other lists, but I don’t want the revised email to go to anyone who already got the original one.

Can I do this with a single campaign or is it better to start another one? If the latter, how do I keep recipients of the first campaign from getting the second one? I assume segmentation, but I can’t figure out how it works. After 20 campaigns, I’m still avoiding it like the plague!

I have read the chapter on segmenting but am having a hard time understanding the chapter — it seems to be unfinished. I turned on the exclusion setting In my config file but I don’t see any new reference to “exclusion” in the campaign’s Segment panel and no further instruction in the manual.

Any help is appreciated.

This applies to the lists that are selected. On the Lists tab there should be a further section to select excluded lists.

If you have a user attribute for country then create a segment condition for that attribute not being “United States”. Use the calculate button to see how many subscribers will be selected.

I would create a second campaign then choose the segment condition of not having being sent the first campaign. Again you can use the calculate button to see how many subscribers will be selected, and compare that to your own calculation.

Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me.

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