Campaign admin email link to view progress sent to http, should be https where is this URL in the setup?


I sent a test to a public list of 1 subscriber. The progress shows that it was successful, sent and indicated no bounces although I have yet to find the email anywhere, but I’m still looking (UPDATE - my error in creating the subscriber list). I will test again with other email addresses.

I did receive the acknowledgement of the campaign to the admin email but the link to view the progress was addressed to “http” it should have been sent to “https” and as a result the link isn’t correct. Where is phpList pulling this URL from?

In the admin page Config>Settings the first fields " Website address (without http://) I filled out with only the domain name -“
Lower on the same page Conig>Settings>Subscriber Settings all contain addresses with the correctt “https” address.

thanks in advance

to view the progress of this campaign, go to

@oatmeal phplist tries to work out the scheme but that might not be correct when run at a command line. You can specify the scheme by adding this to config.php

define('ADMIN_PROTOCOL', 'https');

thank you! much appreciated.

that was perfect. I found that the code exists in the config file and just needs to be enabled. Great tip!

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