Button "save and continue editing" not saved campaign

After the PHPlist update to 3.2.3 the button “save and continue editing” does not work .

I would direct you to this topic as it has the same question and more answers.

Have a look at these and if the suggestions there do not help, please continue here, starting by giving details of what you have done so far, thanks.

yes, can you let me know more info. I am not sure how you could discern this, as any change of tab or clicking a new page saves automatically. The button was introduced as a comfort/safety feature because sometimes a long time is spent composing without changing tab and so it is good to save in the interim in case of something like a computer crash, but most of the time things will be saved automatically.

I have checked on my phpList and the button seems fine


I have some servers that run PHPlist .
In the current structure they contain the following configuration:
Centos 6.7 PHP 5.3.0 and Apache 2.2.15 .
Is there any incompatibility PHPlist to setup my server?

If there what would be the ideal setup ?

As stated in the linked topic, phpList requires PHP5.5 or above, suggest you speak to your host regarding upgrading to a supported version of PHP.

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