Business Hours Only


Our marketing team wants to send our newsletter only tuesday-thursday during business hours to maximise open rates.

We try to be good netcitizens by highly targeting our communication, and throttling reasonably.

I wounder what is the recommended way to send PhpList campaings with this requirements.

Would it just be possible to use cron to process the queue only during the desired sending hours?

With low throttling and sending hours I fear some emails might not be sent in time. What happens in that scenario? Will PhpList send the remaining emails if we set the campaign to requeue next weeks?

Do you mean “requeue”? Or do you mean creating another campaign for the next week? When you requeue a campaign, phplist will send it to only those subscribers who have not already received it.

you would want to control the sending with cron jobs…
you can control the ‘stop sending time’ in the scheduling tab for a campaign.