Bulk edit (users, subscriptions)

I want to subscribe 40 of the users already in my database to a new list.
They were added consecutively, so I would imagine I could search for:
– all users added August 20, or
– all users from ID 501 to 540
but the user search page does not include ID or date-added as search options.

I can search the Name field for Jo, which produces results like:

  • John Smith
  • John Johnson
  • Joanne Juniper
  • Joshua
    but there is no way to select all (or some) of the results - I can only select one.

How do I generate a list of all users added on a certain date?
How do I generate a list of all users between #s __ and __?
How do I edit multiple users’ attribute data at once?

(version 2.10.5 - I know, I should upgrade - that’s another story.)

@alloallo Have you tried to use the “export subscribers” function? I remembered you are able to choose the exact subscription date. Buddy go for the latest version 3.0.12 :slight_smile: you will love it.

To elaborate, can you export the entire list into a database program, or something like Lotus 123 or Microsoft Office or Sun Open Office that is able to sort a list by columns? As you hinted, sort by date to get the names you want together, then copy. You could also extract, using that date as the Criterion. Use paste to add them as subscribers and specify what list they should join.
Do you need more explanations?

Yes, you export as a csv and add into almost any spreadsheet program and sort however you like in there. I don’t think this is the best place to get support on how to sort the subscriber data in the spreadsheet software though, but you should have everything you need in terms of data.

I regularly do stuff like this, export into csv, open in libreoffice calc, sort, copy paste a segment into a new list

So to bulk-edit the database, I need to export the database, edit the database, and import the edited database, replacing the existing database?
I think I did it that way years ago. I was hoping things were different now.
I should have said: I’m using PhpMyAdmin via cPanel. I can imagine using Excel or Access or something to remotely edit a database live. (But perhaps Excel won’t read SQL.)


No, we are not talking about “the database” here, as the phpList database contains lots more data than just subscribers infromation. It’s not really about bulk editing either, we are just looking at ways to target specific subscribers by adding them to a new list right?

For most people the method to make new lusts comes from wherever their lists come from. I run a webshop, and I use the webshop software to segment my customers. If I want to segment a list of people who bought cat food in the past year, for example, get that from my webshop software. Then I add that list to phpList and send mails to them. In your case, it sounds like you don’t have this kind of option.

In which case, you need to use spreadsheet software to manually sort out subscribers.

You could use the attribute send plugin for some things too.

@alloallo agreed with @anna. I think what you need here is just to export all your subscribers emails in csv format spreadsheet. However, all your subscribers data could be a mess especially if you did not configured your attribute properly in your subscribe forms in the first place. It’s not easy to sort out even on a spreadsheet. So, here’s my 20 cents tips :slight_smile: use the free “easy email extractor” to extract all the emails address in the spreadsheet. You may ask uncle google for this free software.