Broken link :


I am getting this broken link error but I am not use that anywhere?

Where I can find it and remove it?

The mails that are send getting also the message Disarmed before the title?

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Looks like one of the mail servers involved in delivery is automatically replacing your links, presumably as part of a security policy. Except the links aren’t working.

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I have tried to send it directly from my own emailadres (it the same as used in PHP list), but there is no problem with it?

It looks that PHPlist setting something somewhere?
That is also the reason the DKIM is not working?

This Is what I get from DKIM validator :

T Public Key DNS Lookup

Building DNS Query for dkim._domainkey.*******.nl Retrieved this publickey from DNS: v=DKIM1; t=s; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA01neDWVvPj+/8IX2NLmbZcm3I7ELsr5SNAZHWhbGo5FeRRKYcUPKyZaj59gBLXVupx+KWx5NcZ3ZOd+RQm8jOVG+E7AekF53q0pTiwALVDCcJLvVEQYvXEWncW83DMJ1m8QI1XMT2Urf54jLQrRk+fUXgVJnyuPVAD4C8q3MPxJaroyMk6DOq9igO2211Zrr8OGOyPhHz+PnU2X6KHs5xE2sOyKq7p8447fPGDo4oIM7eym8utwniUaiRHY0ZcpL5n5Xc419xUQez1WaN4hTkixsID83uIfhnyBSZ+RIVZuDo/Q5dQnPtY+LIfnwk0rxBDCe8yVxmGzN9TJLzRkNLwIDAQAB

Validating Signature

result = fail Details: message has been altered

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Help…Help…I really do not know where I must be searching?

@Activate Somewhere, probably the destination mail server, is using the mailscanner package to scan for bad html, possible malware, etc.

If the problem is with emails that you are receiving then you need to look at your hosting account for the configuration of mailscanner. it looks like the domain doesn’t exist any longer.

Thanks Duncan for the quick reply
I thik that it is in the PHPlist I have tried different mailadres to send to (my own and google) same problem if I send it diectly from the mailserver to the same adresses then I have no problem?

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How is phplist configured to send emails using this define in config.php


If all received emails are affected then it looks to be the outgoing mail server.

Please explain the background to this. You have been on this forum since 2015 so presumably phplist has been working properly since then, so is this a new problem?

Hello Duncan,

We are using PhPlist 2 times a year for our non profit organisation.
And indeed this a new problem.

We are still on 3.012

It is the same as in the local(thunderbird) mail with the local I don't have this problem?

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So it is likely that server is doing this.

I guess that mailscanner is detecing the phplist user tracking image, thinking that it is suspicious, and replacing it by the its own image, which does not appear to work.

When you have enabled user tracking phplist includes a 1 pixel image similar to this

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" />

I think that you need to raise this with the hosting company. Also, if you disable user tracking in config,php does the problem still happen?

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Thanks again,

I can not find a part in the config file about user tracking?

I want to try to set if off but I cannot find it?
I already have contacted the hoster but they say it is a problem within PHPlist?



@Activate You need to either amend or add this line to disable user tracking, also do not include the [USERTRACK] placeholder in the message or the template


This seems to be the mailscanner rule that is causing to be included

I have put the line in the config file adt it works!!

Thanks a lot, so the problem is really the Hoster?

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Yes, looks like that’s the case

My hoster keeps saying it is not their mistake…I am going to change the hoster…

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