Bounces not being recorded

For many years I have been having an average of about 20% unique views when I send, however since Feb 2015 I have been having close to half my list generate a bounce back email and my views drop to about 6% despite my stats claiming there have been no bounces in the send.

What could be happening here?

Did you change anything? Where is your installation? Is it on a vps somwhere like go-daddy? Is it your own server? What version is it?

Hi Dan,

I am running v3.0.12 and my web guy says it is a vps he also says it’s the servers email reputation causing the issue. I was just surprised it spiked so quickly?

I am now moving to Mailchimp but just trying to make sure I make every effort to preserve my existing list built up over many years.


Hi, I understand your frustration, however, rather than learning a whole new software, why not move to It’s the same app you are already using, but they deal with all the deliverability and whitelisting stuff for you. Ie, you won’t have this problem any more.

Sending large amounts of email is a complex task, it requires time and expertise to get right - (just like mailchimp) provide that for you, which is why these services exist.

You can make your account for free and use the trial 300 emails to see if you get a better response, before changing product altogether. Let me know if you need any help :smile:

Hi David, I also offer a hosted solution, and I will transfer your installation over for free…
Or if you want help getting your data into a useable format, I can also help with that (for a nominal fee).
If you are interested in either, let me know by private email…

Hi Anna

I am kind of half way over to mail chimp now, just trying to make sure I take as many of my existing contacts with me as possible, which is proving difficult with all these bounces and mail chimp not letting me clean my list through them?

Can I just bring my list over to or do I need to reconfirm it all?


you can just move your lists, no need to reconfirm :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any help