Bounces and IMAP only server

My server only handles IMAP. I have php-imap installed.

How do I configure config.php or config_extension.php to handle imap for bounces.

Additional Info:

I enabled pop3 and set port to 995 ssl in dovecot
I can telnet localhost to 995 and 993
I have tried (in both config.php and config_extended.php) :
$bounce_protocol = ‘pop’;
$bounce_protocol = ‘mbox’;
I tried (since all email sits in /home/[user]/Maildir a link from /var/spool/mail/xxx to the Maildir (didn’t work).
I’ve changed the mailbox command from “/home/[User]” to “/home/[User]/Maildir” to [User] to no avail.

$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘995/pop3/ssl’;
$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘995/pop3/tls’;
$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘995/imap/ssl’;
$bounce_mailbox_port = ‘995/imap/tls’;

I don’t show a connection to dovecot being made.

PHP shows imap implemented and I also loaded php-imap module.

Any ideas?


@WSpivak There is a debug setting for the php imap open function see PHP: imap_open - Manual

the /debug flag on the server parameter and also the flags parameter. But I don’t know where the output goes to.

Possibly you don’t want the ssl or tls options if you can telnet straight to the port.

That may be the issue, ssl/tls. I’ll give it it a shot.

@duncanc Tried your suggestion on SSL, didn’t work.

I tried changing the bounce email address to a gmail account.

I updated the processbounces.php file per what I could find on the internet (Process bounces from Gmail in phpList – InMotion Hosting Support Center)

Of course it didn’t work.

I finally had to export to excel all the bounces, extract the email address and blacklist them via the webpage.

Obviously a lot of unnecessary work.

Anyone get Gmail to work (and is that going to die with their new security protocol)?? - I’ll make this a separate question.