Bounce processing does not affect users


Is it possible to reprocess fetched bounced messages list (the emails have already been fetched and deleted from mailbox). If yes how can it be done? Function process bounces does not seem to give any effect, bounce rules do not delete/change subscriber status although bounces are assigned to them. Secondly, I would like to know how can I see bounce statistics at my campaigns. And lastly, I set up the bounce threshold unsubscribe to be 1, but somehow this does not give any effect to subscribers as well (tested with fake emails).
I am using phplist from github.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have checked my phplist_user_message_bounce table which has only one record but there are a lot of users that have bounces. Maybe this is related to the previously described problem?

@Vytautasber You will need to also have this setting in config.php with the same value as $bounce_unsubscribe_threshold


Did that, did not help. :confused:

If you are using “Rules” for bounce processing, you could have every bounce blacklist the subscriber. Then it becomes an issue of the system being able to read the headers and recognize the bounce and associated contact.

Hello @danwaterloo did not quite get what you mean.

Here is the page for the ‘advanced bounce processing’, which uses regular expressions to identity a bounce reason, and a rule that specifies what to do when you get a match.