Block page root

When opening /lists a site appears with links to subsribe and unsubscribe pages. How can I block this site?

you can use an .htaccess file to keep your web server from allowing access to the page

Hm, ok… and I suppose I have to block access to index.php?

yes, and you might want to block index.html, too.

Ok, thank you! And it won’t affect the functionality of phplist? Index.php has quite a lot of code for that is produces only a page with two links…

I would not suggest blocking access to index.php as you might still want the functionality, just not so easily accessed by browsing the lists folder.
The .htaccess in there configures that folder to offer index.php first with the line
DirectoryIndex index.php
so change that line to
DirectoryIndex index.htm
and create an index.htm file that can display nothing or an error or a redirection or whatever you want.

What are you actually trying to do here?
Blocking index.php I would have expected to block phpList working.

Rather than that, why not place links in your html page, as suggested by @sculptex, to a specific list?

When I set DirectoryIndex to index.html I can’t login anymore (permission denied).

I only want to prevent that people have access to the subscribe page, because I have two mailing lists and people shouldn’t not be able to subscribe to both (Let users select just one list to subscribe). That’s why I have a separate signup form in Drupal which sends the data to phplist.

Then just make the lists private (uncheck the Public list checkbox when editing a list details). Subscribers will still have access to the preferences, forward and unsubscribe pages.

I was more worried about that the data can still be sent from Drupal to phpList, because subsribe pages don’t accept private lists and so the fields disappear, but apparently it still works after setting the lists to private… thank you

Hi, sorry I didn’t think of that, to resolve that you would need to put another in .htaccess in admin folder directing it back to index.php

Making the lists private doesn’t work after all. The subscriber gets an email to confirm the subscription to a specific list, but after clicking the confirmation link the confirmation page that the email was successfully added to no list. So the user is in the system, but without any list subscription.

@0711master Sorry but I don’t really understand what you are trying to do.

At various times you have asked to “block root access”, “I only want to prevent that people have access to the subscribe page”, and “I have two mailing lists and people shouldn’t not be able to subscribe to both”.

What is the problem with someone subscribing to two lists? If you can explain that then there might be a way to achieve what you want.

Because one list is for members and the other for non members who should not get the information/mails from the member list. There are various options for chosing html/text mails, I don’t understand why this also not possible for list choice. For the moment the only solution I found is to hide the form with CSS.