Blank Page on upgrade to 3.3.2 and 3.3.3 - Please help!

I have been running version 3.2.7 with no problems but when I updated to 3.3.2. and 3.3.3, all I get is a blank page instead of the login page.

I haven’t made any changes in the config file - I saved the original and copied it to the updated files on the server but no joy.

When I deleted all the files on the server and copied my old install across, it works perfectly.

My server is running PHP Version 5.4.45.

I have numerous Phplist installation for my clients and need to update all of them but I’m getting the same results i.e. blank pages for all of them.

Any ideas?

Think you need to update php version first.


I have the same problem, I Use version 3.3.1 without problem, but the news version not found.

The System Requirements says that work with PHP 5.3.3 or major:[]=requirements

Thanks for the replies Dragonrider & llljackll,

As well as PHP 5.4.45, I’ve also got all the recommended PHP extensions installed on my server.

Anyone got any ideas?

It is very difficult to diagnose with limited info, but what you’ve done is correct, ie: save config.php and then restore after uploading.

Thanks @llljackll for the pointer to the system page, that was last updated in October 2017 and something is nagging me about PHP versions, but as you say, that page says 5.4.5 should be okay, though PHP themselves recommending updating where possible for security reasons.

Normally, a blank page is the result of a missing quote, single or double, and semi-colon in the config or any language file you’ve altered. But, without seeing the issue for yourself, it is very difficult to answer. One thing you could try is to re-upload the 3.3.3 lists folder and make sure that all files went over.

You have a backup in case as you’ve already stated.

Have you turned on error reporting and checked the Webserver logs? You can also enable xdebug for easy to read error output on the Web page.

Travis tests include builds of phpList on PHP 5.4 - no tests have failed recently.

@chrissyg62 @llljackll This problem could be the same as one reported on Mantis

Are you able to use a later version of php, at least 5.6? If not then as a temporary measure delete one file


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Thank you duncanc,

Genius! I have been scratching my head over this for a few days. I’ll ask my hosting company to upgrade the PHP version but deleting the plugin did the trick.

I’ll try editing the plugin and re-instate it & see if it works - I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions to a irst time poster!

@chrissyg62 I have fixed the plugin to work with php < 5.6 so if you need the Segment plugin you can install the new version on the Manage Plugins page using the package url

That should overwrite the plugin version that is included in phplist.

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duncanc - you’re a diamond!!

Many thanks - will check your plugin out, thank you for saving me from a load of head scratching

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Just for anyone else banging their head against the wall with this issue, I can confirm that, in this particular instance, deleting the Segment plugin does the trick. Saves me a lot of debugging. I’m so glad I persisted searching for a solution when I was just about to give up, rather than trying to fix it myself. Thank you so much!

Duncan, can’t thank you enough, it did the trick for me!

I had the same issue and upgraded PHP from 5.4 to 5.6. Might want to include that somewhere on the readme, or upgrade guide.