Blacklist subscriber vs blacklist email - a summary

I’d like to sanity-check my understanding of the difference between the “blacklist subscriber” and “blacklist email” bounce processing options. I initially used “blacklist email”, thinking that I could replace the email addresses for those subscribers, and not have to manually un-blacklist them. After reading several posts here about this topic, here’s what I (think I) understand:

  • blacklist subscriber - prevents sending to this subscriber for all lists, searchable/resettable status in the web interface.
  • blacklist email - prevents sending to this email for all lists. Subscriber shows as blacklisted in their Subscriptions tab, but status is not searchable via the web interface. Replacing the email address for the subscriber automatically un-blacklists them, but presumably leaves their old email in blacklist status. (Blacklisting status of the email address is not resettable from the web interface - it’s only stored in the sql database. Requires php/sql scripting to manipulate.)

EDIT: Just discovered that “blacklist email”-ed subscribers actually do show a resettable blacklist status, and also a note in their Subscription tab that the blacklisting was rule-based. But you can’t search for them using “Show only blacklisted subscribers”, so the only way to keep track of them is as described below:

So far, the only way I’ve discovered to capture the addresses that have been “blacklist email”-ed is to search the logs, or process the Bounce Processing Info email that’s sent after processing. (I can also use View Bounces Per List, but it doesn’t specify what action was taken.)

On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to search for blacklisted subscribers in the web interface. On the other, it doesn’t seem to distinguish between people I’ve manually blacklisted vs. ones that were bounce rule blacklisted, unless you individually click through to each one and view the notes in their Subscribe tab.

But if there’s an easier way to search for rule-blacklisted people, or if I’ve misunderstood something above, I’m all ears.

TL/DR - what I’m really after here is an easy way to update the emails for subscribers who were blacklisted due to bounce rules, and re-try them. So far, the most efficient way I’ve found: collect the addresses from the bounce processing email notification, re-upload the ones that can be fixed, adding them to a temporary Re-send list in the process, then send the original campaign (or a copy) to the Re-send list.