Blacklist not working?

I am using phplist 3.2.3 and seem to have a problem with Blacklisting.

The images below hopefully should clarify but is seems as if the mail is still being sent to a blacklisted subscriber, this is NOT the only one just one of the instances, fortunately it’s a bounce un-subscription, I would hate it if it were a client un-subscription, but ATM I am a little nervous of this happening.

Above you can see the user received 3 mails, and the dates sent.
Below you can see that s/he was un-subscribed by a bounce rule on the FIRST send so shouldn’t have got the other 2.

Is this a bug or just my lack of understanding of what’s happening ?
Please help.



Can you tell me if the user is currently showing as blacklsted and/or unconfirmed?


Thanks for getting back to me Anna,

The user(s) is currently showing as Blacklisted and Confirmed=1 in “Subscriber Profile”, with a down-thumb on “List Membership”.


So when you say blacklist is not working you mean it very literally: these subscribers are

  1. confirmed
  2. blacklisted
  3. still receiving mails

Is that a correct summary?

I don’t know the source of this issue, perhaps some database issue?

Hi again Anna :wink:

Points 1 & 2 are yes
3 I’m not sure about, perhaps it was re-reading a bounce that it should have deleted.
I’m not on the receiving end of live un-subscribers, the ones I checked seem to be OK (no further mails sent (apparently)) nor have I had any complaints (yet) but according to my bounce records that is what appears to be happening, just trying to figure this out.

Would it make any difference if the subscriber is on / added to different mailing lists, I am using both public and private lists.

I’m running a standard LAMP install on Ubuntu 14.04LTS server with phplist ver 3.2.3 so hopefully the DB is not at fault.

Thanks again for your time, any suggestions as to what to do appreciated,
if you need more info just ask.


Bump on this on :wink:

I’ve altered the rule a bit but now it seems to be marking the record as unconfirmed ?

So my question now, is can an email go out to an unconfirmed subscriber ?
edit : if not blacklisted ?


It is my understanding the system should NOT send an email if EITHER they are not subscribed to the list that you are sending to, OR if they are blacklisted.

There is a subtle difference (that is not really documented anywhere) between blacklisting an email address and blacklisting a subscriber.

You might want to try changing your rule to blacklisting the subscriber vs. blacklisting the email address.

Cool, that’s pretty much what I thought seeing as with the double opt in, the mail may be ignored or otherwise unconfirmed for whatever reason.

Umm yes I have come across this posted elsewhere on this forum, as I am importing data from our CRM I’m using the foreign key to keep track of subscribers and just want to update their data.
OTOH Looking at the subscriber list I can’t tell how many are blacklisted, but I can see unconfirmed, eish, so I’m looking at unconfirming subscribers ?? :confused:

I guess it’s gonna take rather a lot of trial and error before I find which option(s) works for me but as each campaign goes out it gets a bit more complicated/untidy :confounded:
Never mind when I do eventually get my head around this lot I’ll be able to help answer others questions about it here :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways

No, once they are blacklisted no mails can be sent.

I’m having the same issue where blacklisted emails are still being sent emails. Should I start a new thread?

I switched my bounce actions to blacklist user, instead of blacklist email. I also added subscribers that were blacklisted and confirmed to the suppression list. Hoping that does the trick.

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I had a similar conundrum at one point.
It turned out that the user had entered a second email address that was forwarding to the first blacklisted address.
We can only code for so many odd scenarios before it gets stupid.

Let us know if this helped solve your problem. Other people might be experiencing the same problem.