Blacklist all subscribers in a list - at one time

We recently added an international distributor. We have subscribers in several of our lists who will now be serviced by that distributor – meaning we no longer want to email them. We have created a list containing those subscribers we no longer wish to email, so we could inform them of their new contacts. Now that that is done, we would like to blacklist (not delete) all of those subscribers, so we don’t accidentally send them an email. Many of them belong to more than one list, and not all the same list, so we can’t just make a list inactive. Any assistance in tackling this issue would be greatly appreciated. It would be wonderful if it was one of the options for “Tagged” members of a list.

@JG64 You can export the subscribers of that list, then copy/paste the column of email addresses into the Suppression list (aka blacklist) page (menu Subscribers > Manage subscribers > Suppression list).

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Thanks so much. Perfect.