Best server / hosting in USA to use PhpList

Hi, which server in USA is the best to install and use PhpList ? I will be very greatful for answer.

I am thinking about:

  2. amazon e2c

If there is any other option please tell me.

I would like to send around 100 000 - 200 000 email every month to Europe.



Hey, I think I met you on Facebook. Have you got good webmin, deliverability and other skills for this kind of hosting, or are you planning on paying for technical support?

Hey, all i need is hosting or maybe 3 hosting/servers to install PhpList. i need access to FTP with MySql.

I need to send 100 000 - 200 000 email every month in total.

  1. Hosting provider should not have problem with sanding e-mails by clients.
  2. I don’t wonna pay much for this hosting, i need this only for PhpList and maybe simple website in wordpress.

I am willing to pay for advice and support, but please tell me how much.



There is a paid support page on here - I guess how much would depend. Sending all those emails and getting them into the inbox and not being blacklisted as a spammer is not an easy thing.

How many subscribers do you have?

Yes, this is what i need. I have 100 000 subscribers.

If i send like 50 emails every 6-7 minutes x 24 hours x 10-11 days i can send all 100 000 emails. Is it ok ?


I am not sure on the sending speeds etc, one of the other forum members will be best to deal with that.
That said, 10-11 days sounds like a very very long time to me though, what about if your campaign is time sensitive?

If you used, where all of this is sorted out for you, sending should be done in a few hours with ease, though of course delivery takes longer for some subscribers becuase of grey-listing etc. But again, that is all managed for you. If you send one email a month to all 100k subscribers, that would be $180 will be 100,000, of you could send up to 1m mails for $300 a month. Let me know if you are interested and I will help you get set up :slight_smile:

Additionally we have an install service which could deal with some of these issues for you, which costs £120