Batch Size Problem

Hi All,

I’m a bit confused about mail batch size using Version 3.3.9 (and previous versions).

I’m trying to limit message sending to no more than 125 messages an hour with the following settings.





My cron job is set to fire once an hour

Problem is that for a campaign with approximately 700 recipients:
124 email messages are sent in the first hour
An hour later only 1 email message is sent
Then an hour later another 124 emails are sent
and the following hour only 1 email message is sent again.

This pattern repeats until all the messages are sent, but it take twice as long as it should to send the campaign.

Any thoughts?


Jerry Kornbluth

Did it work all right in previous versions?

In my case, in 3.3.9 my settings are not working.
I have (“MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE”,0) but it still sends in batches of 10.

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It did work corrrectly, but I think 2 or more versions ago