Autoresponse to new subscriber sending wrong texts

Thanks for your responses. Turns out it’s a bug. The mantis page is here:

Couldn’t think of a title to encapsulate the problem. I moved to a new host. Phplist was installed and databases moved over. I made changes in the messages sent to new subscribers asking for confirmation, then confirming subscription, and the other messages. The updated texts show correctly in config/settings but the old text, used on the last host, are still being sent out. Other changes to config files, lists and settings have all correctly updated. I can’t find the old text anyplace in the system. So I’m stumped. Anyone have any ideas? Also, what file holds the actual text that’s sent out? I thought I’d take a look and replace the old text - but I can’t find it. Talk down to me - I stumble through this. Thanks for any help. Mark EDIT - the problem is with messages found on the phplist dashboard under config/settings/transactional setting

You probably need to edit the text on each subscribe page, menu Config > Subscribe pages

Duncanc - Thanks for responding. The problem isn’t on the subscribe page - it’s with the messages auto-sent after someone subscribes: the hello, the request for confirmation and the 'success message when they do. I’m going through all the php pages, thinking the text has to be in there somewhere. I hope. Thanks. - Mark

@MarkD The subscribe page is where you specify the content for those messages.

Hi Duncan - Those messages are okay. The ones I can’t find - and can’t seem to alter - aren’t on the subscribe page. They’re found here: config/settings/transactional settings.



Those same messages should be duplicated, and overridable, on the subscribe page settings.

Should have updated here. Turns out it’s a bug. The mantis page is here:

@MarkD @danwaterloo That mantis issue needs feedback from you guys so that developers can pursue it.

Sam - Just posted on mantis. Thanks for the nudge.

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