Autoresponder "Ready" question

I’ve been using the Autoresponder plugin for a while and it’s working great! Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to it and it just runs. However, when I logged in recently, I noticed a couple of things:
When this campaign/queue is processed, I get a “Warning: script never reached stage 5” event.

I’m also showing 11 subscribers “ready” on the autoresponder page. New subscribers are being processed by the autoresponder okay.

From what I’ve researched, it appears that I may have 11 addresses that won’t send for some reason or another. Is there some way to find out which 11 addresses are causing the problem? I don’t see a way to list them in the autoresponder page. I can go into the database if they are listed there somewhere.

Thanks for any help!

@bhotrock The problem of “never reached stage 5” was reported on the bug tracking system but I don’t think that anything is going to happen about it.

The Autoresponder plugin should submit the campaign only when there is at least one subscriber to send to. This problem could happen only if you are using another plugin that also filters the subscriber to send to. Is that the case?

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@duncanc I think you’re on the right track. I have installed and use the Segment Plugin. Just for clarity, I am using two Autoresponders.

With one, I am using the Segment Plugin so that the autoresponder doesn’t send to a certain group of users. I’m using a “not REGEXP” filter on an attribute. This should filter about 200 subscribers from the list. And of course the Autoresponder is only sending to “new” subscribers. This Autoresponder continually shows 11 Ready. If we import a new eligible subscriber, then the Ready count goes to 12 and the new subscriber receives the message on the next run of the campaign/queue. The Ready count returns to 11. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with those 11.

The second Autoresponder does NOT use the Segment Plugin (there are no filters set). It was showing some “Ready” subscribers earlier today. When working with this, I disabled this Autoresponder and re-enabled it. I also (if I remember correctly which Autoresponder) had to change the End date on the Schedule tab because I missed putting that way in the future when I built it. When I re-enabled it, it processed those that were waiting. However… Now when I import a new eligible subscriber, it goes from Not Ready, to Ready, and then just sits there even though the campaign/queue is processed.

I’m thinking I should maybe just try and rebuild both Autoresponders. But I hesitate to do that not knowing which 11 “Ready” subscribers never received the first Autoresponder message. Is there any way to determine which subscribers are the 11 Ready subscribers?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

There is nothing “wrong” with those subscribers. The Autoresponder plugin wants to send the campaign to them, but that is being denied by the Segment plugin, presumably because of their attribute value.

These two plugins do not work well together because each tries to control which subscribers are sent to. I’ll have a think about how that might be improved but I’m not sure it can given the way that core phplist handles this.

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@duncanc Sorry for my slow response. Got pulled into other things.
Thanks for this info! It helps me to understand what’s going on.

I’ll try and see if I can find a way to avoid using the Segment plugin with the Autoresponders. Is it okay to have the Segment plugin installed, as long as I don’t try to use it on the Autoresponder campaigns? I would be really helpful for other campaigns.

Thanks again for your help!

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Yes, no problem with that.

Thanks @duncanc! I really appreciate the great help you provide!

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