Autoresponder plugin admin page loads slowly

We have been using the autoresponder plugin for a few years as part of phpList. It has been functioning properly for a long time; however, as we create more autoresponders, the admin interface is loading slower. Currently, there are 175 autoresponders configured, with 168 of them being active.

I wanted to test whether reducing the pagination from 50 to 25 would speed up the loading time. Unfortunately, this feature is not working properly; no matter what value I choose, it loads all autoresponders. I am using the latest version of both phpList and the autoresponder plugin. Is there anything I can do to improve the loading speed?

@csorbalaci Yes, that’s an error in the pagination handling. Can you try making this small change to the plugin code to see whether it improves the response enough

file admin/plugins/Autoresponder/Populator.php line 36 should be

    foreach ($this->dao->getAutoresponders($this->listId, false) as $item) {

change it to (copy/paste)

    foreach (new \LimitIterator($this->dao->getAutoresponders($this->listId, false), $start, $limit) as $item) {

I hope that it is the calculation of the ready/not ready/sent subscribers that is causing the slowness. Having a default of 50 is probably too high, so if you can find a smaller value that works for you then I can make that the default.

Dear @duncanc, thank you for your quick response and for the fix in the new release, you are awesome. (Sorry for answering so late…) Now autoresponder loads very quickly. We also made some change-is in out database and we optimized our server.

@csorbalaci I have already made that change to the plugin code. You can install the new version on the Manage Plugins page. Also, I have reduced to 10 the number of autoresponders displayed on each page.