Autoresponder only sending 1 e-mail per hour

Autoresponder only sending 1 e-mail per hour even though the specific autoresponder shows 3100 people in the ready status and that number just decreases by 1 as the cron job processes and sends out the 1 e-mail.

This is the 3rd autoresponder in a series and the first two worked just fine. Not sure why this one is acting differently. I just checked and PHPList, Autoresponder, and Common are all at the latest version available.

Hoping someone else has run into this and knows what is going on. At the rate it is going the current autoresponder will take until almost mid November to finish.

@mharrison Look in the event log for the campaign being sent.
Are you using any other plugins on this campaign, and how is this campaign different to the others?
Please clarify the autoresponder settings, and how often the cron job is running.

Event log is just full of the standard queue items…but it keeps only finding 1 user in the run. The campaign is set up identically to the other 7. The only differences between the campaigns and corresponding autoresponders would be some wait 2 weeks and others wait 1 week. The autoresponder shows all users (minus the 23 that it has sent at this time) as ready to send. The cron job runs twice an hour so I would think it would be picking them up in larger batches. The second autoresponder job ran the entire group in about 5 batches because of the 400 messages per hour limit with my host, but nothing else is running so I do not think that is the issue, and normally when that hits I get notified that it reached the batch limit.

@ would you be willing to give me admin access temporarily so that I can take a look? If so then I will send you a personal message so that you can reply, as a new user I don’t think that you are allowed to send private messages.

I’m not sure where the breakdown occured, but I forced the campaign tied to the autoresponder that is giving me fits to requeue and now it is sending out just fine.

One thing I didn’t see in the documentation for the autoresponder plugin is if once they are sent, does it matter that they are no longer in Drafts when they go to send the next time.

That is intended. The campaign remains at “sent” status until there is at least one subscriber to whom it should be sent. The plugin will “requeue” the campaign automatically at the start of the next run of processqueue.

If this problem starts to happen again there are a couple of ways to try to get more information

  • enable VERBOSE in config.php to provide more information on the event log page
  • add this to config.php to provide some debug output from the plugin
$log_options = [
    'threshold' => 'DEBUG',
    'classes' => [
        'Autoresponder' => true,

A log file will be written in the phplist $tmpdir directory.