Autoresponder not sending messages at all in PHPList 3.3.3

I installed PHP list 3.3.3 on my site
All seems to work fine. After configuring the all system I managed to create and test a sample campaign and it succeeded.
I created a cron job for processing periodically the PHPlist queue. Something like:
/usr/local/bin/php /home/XXX/public_html/ -pprocessqueue –c /home/XXX/public_html/
It seems to work. Presents results like this:
phpList - phpList version 3.3.3 © 2000-2018 phpList Ltd,
phpList version 3.3.3 © 2000-2018 phpList Ltd, https://www.phplist.comphpList - Started [0.0193640000] (131)
phpList - Script stage: 6 [0.0054090000] (135)
phpList - Finished, Nothing to do [0.0002210000] (136)
phpList - Finished, All done [0.0013140000] (141)

Then I installed the last version of the autoresponder plugin (3.0.4+20180517) because I want to react to a new subscribing user sending him a message – it is my main goal when using PHPList.

I created a draft campaign.
I assured that it is under the sending period:

And that the campaign responds to the list my users will subscribe.
Then I created the autoresponder related to that draft campaign.

But the autoresponder won’t send a single message. When a user subscribes and confirms, he never appears here in ‘subscribers ready’. The result of processing the queue always shows ‘Nothing to do’.
Did I miss something? Can you help me? Thanks.

@krold A few things to check

  • the campaign is being sent to the same list that the subscriber joined
  • the subscriber signed-up after you created the autoresponder
  • whether the subscriber already been sent that campaign. Is that the case?

@krold Also, the ready | not ready | already sent all being 0 suggests that the list for the autoresponder campaign are not the same as that being subscribed to.

Thanks for your answer @duncanc
Positive. I confirm. I checked all the topics you refer.
I just installed and configured the system. For now it is only under tests and I used several email accounts of my own to perform the subscriptions and test the autoresponder, that’s why you see ready | not ready | already being 0. I couldn’ t see autoresponder reacting to a single subscription!
Sending (simple) campaigns (without the use of the autoresponder) works ok.

Is there a log, more detailed, beyond systems log, where I can ‘see’ any information about the way PHPlist is managing subscriptions?

@krold I have just tested the plugin and it seems to be working.

  • created a new list
  • created a new campaign to be sent to the new list
  • created an autoresponder using the new campaign
  • modified a subscribe page to offer the new list
  • subscribed with a new email address

the plugin then shows one subscriber not ready

Then waited for 5 minutes, the plugin then shows one subscriber ready


I then ran processqueue and the campaign was sent to the subscriber.

Thanks for your effort @duncanc
I’m sure Autoresponder is a great plugin, an indispensable one, and I used it before with another version of PHPList.
I will make a new blank installation and let you know if I succeeded.

What about a more complete log of events? Any form to understand and track what is going on on PHPList? Is there any?