Autoresponder: Campaign Status


I’ve installed the Autoresponder plugin to my 3.2.4. installation and I’m excited to use it. It’s going to boost my subscriber engagement, I’m sure.
So far I’ve created a “welcome” email to be sent 15 minutes after readers subscribe, and set up the cron job to process autoresponders.

I tried it with a test email addresse and the welcome message was indeed sent out, so woohoo!

I have a couple of questions about the intended behavior:
1- When I manually run “Process autoresponders” in the interface, sometimes I get the message “1 message processed”, sometimes I get “0 messages processed”. Can someone clarify what that means?
2- This morning the campaign was in the “Active” tab, with associated statistics, but now it’s back to “draft” status. Is this normal? Is it meant to go back and forth?
3- If I set the autoresponder to send out, say, 15 minutes after subscription, is it 15 minutes after the initial subscription request, or the user confirmation?

Many thanks in advance!

For an autoresponder, when there is at least one subscriber ready to be sent the campaign then the status is changed to ‘submitted’. The “n messages processed” is the number of campaigns that have been set in this way.

The campaign will change status due to the sending process (submitted, active, sent) but the plugin will then change it to draft. I’m not sure that changing to draft is really necessary but haven’t looked closely at the code.

The time periods are from the subscription, not the confirmation. My recollection is that phplist does not record the time of confirmation so that cannot be used.

@clotilde I have modified the plugin so that the campaign remains at ‘sent’ status after it has been sent until there are some more subscribers to whom it needs to be sent.
Previously the plugin would change the status to ‘draft’ but that isn’t necessary.
I have also changed the text displayed when you process autoresponders to hopefully be clearer.

You can upgrade the plugin on the Manage Plugins page.

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Thank you Duncan, I very much appreciate the clarification and upgrade.
I’m already seeing great results with my budding autoresponder series.
So grateful for that plugin/feature, and the general awesomeness of phplist. ^^


Did you have to set up a different campaign and list for each message in your autoresponder series?