Automatic updater not showing Phplist 3.6.12 availability

I currently have PHPlist 3.6.10. PHPlist 3.6.12 was available on the 10th of February and has not shown in any of my lists the option to upgrade.

I am running on PHP 8.0.27. PHP.

When I select system/update the updater opens the updater starts to run and then displays the following message:
Updater is loading
phpList is up-to-date

Seems to be a repeat of the problem that emerged on the 3.6.8 update.

@Seahawk See Update from 3.6.10 to 3.6.12 via interface · Issue #934 · phpList/phplist3 · GitHub and the linked issues for an explanation.

Thanks Duncan

OK, I am trying to understand here. But it seems to be going in circles.

What was updated or changed in the 3.6.8 version that is now causing the issue again?

My updater is enabled in the config file. I have checked all the current 3.6.10 installations, and none of them indicates that an update is available.

When I look at the answer on Github issue #934 you indicated the following:


If you still want those people to be able to use the updater then the version file needs to be updated to show release 3.6.12 as the current release

the version.json does not exist in the installation except for change-version.js

Where must this json file be placed for the updater to work? Inside update or inside admin?

I presume that the version.json is on the Github file not in the installation.

Must we go the manual route or will we have a solution?

@Seahawk the version.json file is downloaded by the updater to find out the latest version. The file still shows 3.6.10 as the latest version.
I don’t know whether that is deliberate or just an oversight.

I have now manually installed the 3.6.12 version. Every time I install phplist manually it uninstalls plugins like [viewinbrowser] and [Archive]. This means the links on my website that must display the archive, gives a NOT FOUND error. This is frustrating and I cannot understand what is causing this.

Why would this happen?

@Seahawk You need to reinstall any plugins that are not included in the core phplist. That’s a drawback of the manual upgrade. The automatic updater now restores any additional plugins but that is a fairly recent change. Originally it didn’t do that.

The auto-updater has now shown up in the list to update. It runs through the process but still shows the same message as if the new version file is not changed. Looking in the Cpanel, the files were changed but the version still shows to update to 3.6.12