Automatic Update from 3.6.12 to 3.6.13/14

Hallo, one or tow questions: i use 3.6.12. In the past i used the automatic update withtout problems. Now there is no possibility to start the update. I read, that phpList 3.6.13 released a new updater. Is this updater required to update to 3.6.13/14? By the way, i installed the plugin from installation url . the plugin is shown in the categorie config → plugins. But it is not active. The Report is: “System Requirements Issue Common Plugin installed” . So anybody know, what can i do? Thanks and best regards, earens

@earens The existing updater should work if you have this line in the config.php file

define('ALLOW_UPDATER', true);

To use the new plugin updater, which is entirely separate, you need to enable Common Plugin and follow the guidance on the plugin’s documentation page plugin:updater [phpList Resources]

Thanks, after edditing the config.php like recommended, the update from 3.6.12 to 3.16.14 works.