Automatic unsubscribes by using phpList

i have a real problem using phpList.
The sent mail seems to be intercepted and automatically “processed”. There are 4 clicks per link in the click statistics. Unfortunately, the unsubscribe link is always included.
The clicks are from different servers in the USA. Here are a few IP addresses …

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened? I suspect it’s a hacker attack. What can I do?

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@Olelolle See this earlier topic for some solutions Users reporting unauthorized unsubscribes

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Can someone provide a sample robots.txt and where to put it?


Thanks for the hint.
My robots.txt file looks like this, but it does not do anything yet:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / lists /

And within lists:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

You could create a PR with a stock robots.txt file to be included in phpList releases, to be moved into place by admins during installation.

@Olelolle robots.txt can be in only the web root directory, not any subdirectories see

Ii have now 2 fills. One in the root and one in the lists directory. Nothing changed. Same problem.

@Olelolle to try to stop unsubscribes you also need to change single-click unsubscribes with this setting

define('UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF', false);

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Thats ok. Thanks. But why someone from read my mails?

Amazon probably has automatic filtering services for mail content. Just a guess.