Automated upgrade try to remove SSL files

When trying to upgrade to 3.4.9 I get the following message:

Starting integrity check
Error: The following files are either not expected and should be removed, or are missing but required and should be put back in place
  1. .well-know is a directory that must be on the web root dir
  2. My phpList installation is in the web root dir and not in a subdir.

@ipublicis the automatic updater doesn’t allow extra files or directories in the directory where phplist is installed. You will need to move out any such files to use the updater, then move back when the update completes.

If that sounds too much trouble then you might want to try an alternative updater in the Addons plugin. See for details.

@duncanc, thanks.

Installed, enabled. But can’t see where shall I use it. The Upgrade link still shows the integrated upgrader and not this new one. No menu link to it.

And, if we don’t talk, Have a Great New Year 2020!

@ipublicis Have you added the setting to the config.php file, as explained in the documenation? The menu item System > Alternative updater is shown only when that setting is present.