Auto Updater Does Not Recognize Versions

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I’m running phpList 3.3.9 and the Automaitc Updater thinks I have the latest version of phpList. When I click on the Update button, nothing happens.


PHP Info:

PHP Version 7.3.6

Linux 4.4.182-xeon-hst #4 SMP Wed Jun 19 20:26:04 UTC 2019 x86_64


Unfortunately, I can not replicate the issue. Can you please remove action.txt file on the config folder and try again?

Hi Suela,

Sorry- Removing the ‘action.txt’ file did not fix the issue. Somehow, according to the Auto updater, my current 3.3.9 implementation of phpList is up-to-date.

@AlanW it might be a bit misleading. The message about being up to date also seems tobe displayed when the updater is not able to determine if there is an update available.

Can you verify that phplist is able to use curl to retrieve this URL and that is not being blocked somewhere?

Hi Duncan,

I checked the server logs and settings and there are no outbound connections blocked. I’m not sure how to check curl functionality from within phpList.

@AlanW I guess that you have to upgrade manually and hope that whatever the problem is has been fixed in the latest phplist, 3.4.3.

If you had time to spare then you could upgrade manually to 3.4.1 first to see whether that fixed the problem, then 3.4.2 etc.

Hi Duncan,

I manually updated phpList to 3.4.1 and had the same issue: The system thinks that it has the latest version and the Auto Update function does not initiate.

@duncanc - It seems to me that the Automatic updater went through various changes only in the 3.4.2 version. So I’ll manually update phpList to this and see if I it works then. I doubt it.

There were other Updater improvements made in 3.4.3 as well relating to version numbers, but I don’t think they’ll affect the behaviour you described.

@AlanW Please check the network logs (The response)in your browser
Or in config/actions.txt you will find something like: {“continue”:false,“step”:2}
and server logs as well.

I see you are using the PHP version 7.3.6 and it might fail for you due to some PCRE change same as here:,
but I cannot reproduce the issue using PHP 7.3.3

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