Auto Updated Not Working For phpList 3.6.8

I am running 3.6.7 and when I run the auto updater to try to update to phpList 3.6.8 it shows no update available:

Updater is loading
phpList is up-to-date.

I can confirm that this is also happening with my instance as well.

Confirmed also on my site

Hi! This should not have happened normally. It looks like there was some issue with the automatic release process. You should be able to see this notification now:

My install stays on 3.6.7 even after the forced update via the “update” window.

My install stays on 3.6.7 too.

@Paviland Are you referring to the version of the code shown at the bottom of each page

© phpList ltd.- v3.6.8

or the database version?

There should be a warning on the home page after logging-in if the database needs to be updated. Go to menu system > upgrade phplist database to check that.

My database is version: 3.6.7 and the message that this is the correct version.

The code version at the bottom of the page shows v3.6.7. I have tried using phpList Updater (which I normally use) but nothing changes.

@Paviland Ok, thanks. I can repeat the problem.

@mariana @michiel the file that is downloaded by the updater is still version 3.6.7, so it is updating the code to the same version.

It gives me the update, I use “use the phplist Updater.” It downloads the software, backups plugins and “installs” the software. That is where it stops. The above new version remains.

Unfortunately, it still does not give me the latest version of the software. The Updater link still downloading version 3.6.7

@duncanc I ended up having to manually copy the new release to update to 3.6.8 per the Manual PHPList Updating instructions. Now my version is on 3.6.8. Hope this helps others?

I’m getting exactly the same problem. The updater works through everything, but it is still 3.6.7. It is downloading and installing, but it is downloading the old version. Tried it again this morning.

I also downloaded the code and went through the traditional manual installation to update my code. It does now indicate 3.6.8.

Many thanks nathanlang and Seahawk. All fine for me now.

Trying to update to 3.6.8 from 3.6.7 using the updater and getting:
Warning : Constant MANUALLY_PROCESS_BOUNCES already defined in /home/site/public_html/lists/config/config.php on line 200
Then it stops.
I’ll try the download.

All I get when trying to use the updater is the following error:

Updater is loading
Error: could not find driver

Any idea how to resolve this?