Attribute with the type date

How can I change the allowed year range in the date picker on an attribute with the type date?
I can only chose an year between 2017 and 2030.
And how can I define an default value?

My Example

i found it in the config.php:
// year ranges. If you use dates, by default the drop down for year will be from
// three years before until 10 years after this the current value for year. If there
// is no current value the current year will be used.
// if you want to use a bigger range you can set the start and end year here
// be aware that the drop down may become very large.
// if set to 0 they will use the default behaviour. So I’m afraid you can’t start with
// year 0. Also be aware not to set the end year to something relatively soon in the
// future, or it will stop working when you reach that year.
define(‘DATE_START_YEAR’, 0);
define(‘DATE_END_YEAR’, 0);

You found the very thing I was going to point you to! :slight_smile: