Attribute- upload attachments

Is there any ways to do some kind of customization so that we would be able to add “upload attachments” in the attribute options?

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I don’t think so… what is the use case you have in mind?

I managed to create an order form using all these attributes but it’s lacking the option to upload an attachment. Back here in our country we are accepting cash deposit or online bank transfer as methods of payment. Scan of bank in slip need to be uploaded as a proof of payment. I am thinking, wouldn’t it be cool that we have their order details and at the same time we have their email subscription?

mmmm, yeah, but storing banking stuff within phpList is a bit insecure and also I don’t think phpList has any capacity for that. Suggest you do something with another app and pull it into the same page :smile:

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Thanks @anna any way this is still a cool stuff for a contact form or membership site!

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