Attribute name in subscribe page / subscribe form


I’m using generally using phpList in a multi-lingual context. What I’ve been wondering is if it would be possible to change in some way, shape or form the “field name” of an attribute in these forms.

An example:

  • In an english subscribe page I would like to use the “default” field name “First name” and “Last Name”. In this case there is no modification required as the field names in my system are just that “First name” and “Last Name”
  • If I use these fields in a french subscribe page I would rather display these field names as “Prénom” and “Nom de famille”.

Any suggestions on how to modify the form that is automatically inserted into a subscribe page?

Kind regards, Jappie

@jappie is this an accurate description of what you need: make attribute labels translatable ? This should be added as a feature request on the issue tracker.

@samtuke Yes, perfect!