Attribute and German Charset


we use phplist V 3.3.1 and User-attributes.

If a User fills the Attribute COmpany (textline) with an & then it doesn’t replace it ihn the Mail.
The Mail looks like:
Company : XYZ & Co. KG

Where have i config the correct Charset. I didn’t find the place or a solution.
Thank you für support

This is a bit confusing. Please explain what is not being replaced properly.

Crazy :wink: THe Forum convert the text :slight_smile:

So for example, it looks like & amp;


@hschinnenburg The problem is with the entry of the attribute value, not the replacement.

When someone enters their company that includes an & then it is stored as &. If they then edit their preferences the value is encoded again to &

So it is a bug in how the attribute values are processed.

One workaround is for you to look at the database to see any bad values and change them there.

You could also use the Subscribers plugin to search for any values that include, say, “amp”. Follow the “find plugins” link on the Manage Plugins page to see the available plugins.