Attachment from Text page not working after Rel 3.4.6

Attachments from Text pages no longer work after upgrading to Release 3.4.6 Attachments are ok for HTML pages. The link in the text page give a 404 error. This also applies to new messages

@RMAWebadmin there was a change to make the download of attachments more secure.

See the second point in “Other changes” here

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Hello Duncan

      Thank you for your


      I am aware of point 2

in the release notes.

      My concern is the text

page attachments are no longer working even for messages
created with the new uid see below.

The requested document was not found on this server

Please contact the

@RMAWebadmin It seems to work correctly for me. Clicking the link opens the attached image file


Perhaps the attachment file no longer exists on the web server.