Attachment directory [solved]

Finally put phplist in real production on a hosted server.
I was wondering where the attachments directory is … :smile:

I was able to define in config.php uploadimages in a specific sub-directory under phplist root (/running/uploadimages)
but if I try to define a path for attachments I receive an error (directory does not exist or is not writable).

If not (I just enable attachments without defining any directory for them) I got no error, attachments are sent and I can manage them using the plugin.
Strange thing to me is that, as far as the plugins says, management directory is /tmp, which actually does not exist on the server.

I’m running on a linux hosted enviroment and I know that I have to define an absolute path.
It should be /web/htdocs/ I’ve tried with all kind of part of that with no luck.
Moreover, it seems that config.php put a /home/ directory somewhere in the path itself.

There is a difference between the directories used for uploading images and for attachments. The first needs to be specified relative to the web root, the second specified as an absolute file system path.

/tmp is the default directory for attachments. It will exist on the server but possibly your account cannot see it. Better to set your own directory, as an absolute path, but your example doesn’t look to be that, I guess that there needs to be something in front of that.


Somewhere on your control panel you should be able to see the complete path to your home directory.

Spoke with my provider support.
Correct path is


I’ll have to change the /tmp path in the same way, I guess