Assistant Administrator Cannot Process Queue

Novice User here!

I maintain a small mail list (85 subscribers) for an organisation but need one of the organisation’s computer naive members to make the posts. I have added him as an Administrator and checked the “Send Campaigns” box.

However, while he can create a new campaign, at the “6 Finish” tab he sees no “Process Queue” button to send it.

I discover that he is able to process the queue if I check the “Super Admin” box, but this has the side effect of providing complete access to all admin functions. In his case that’s too dangerous!

How can I award this admin process queue rights without opening to entire system to him?
Does he need to be an admin at all? Is there another mechanism for allowing selected subscribers to create campaigns and process the queue?

Reading through more of the documentation, I’m guessing that the inability of an assistant admin to process the queue will disappear if i manage to set up a cron job.

Is that right?

Yep, setting up a CRON job will allow automated sending of campaigns. As to the how, you might find your host offers these otherwise others here may be of help, smacks of the Black Arts to me I’m afraid!

to setup a cron job, you need access to the cpanel or command line on the server.
The actual command is dependent on the installation of your system, and the configuration of your server.
There are lots of examples on the forum

Hi Dan,

Can you please point me to those examples. My searches of the forum have failed to find them.

If it helps pick a suitable example, my host provides cPanel to manage my account and my copy of phpList was installed using Softaculous to an “add-on domain”.

The support desk at my host appear useless:

  1. First respondent to my ticket gives me the correct file paths to use in response to me posting the generic ones from the manual. These are given as:


  1. Second respondent tells me that there are no files at those locations

They appear to be where Softaculous put them to me!

  1. Third respondent deletes my Cron job, which pointed to an executable “phplist” file copied from the sample in the manual, with the file paths as per the first respondent, but the commands in the replacement Cron job uses the commands from my file directly rather than using my “phplist” file and point to the “non-existent” files.

Needless to say and it still doesn’t work.

None of the help desk staff appear to go back to the beginning and try to work out what is going on and what has been tried previously.