Assistance not really timely

I have a problem since almost 2 days, and nobody is answering neither to the online chat, nor to my 2 mails.

The subject of my request was that none of the about 1,400 mails that I’m supposed to have sent, have reached my customers.

Maybe I did something wrong, but if the assistance would not correct me, how can I know it?

I hope that somebody will see this message.


Hello buddy,

Firstable you need to understand that this is a comunity and it’s up to the comunity respond or not to particular subject, opening a new tophic It is a non-viable method to press an answer.

The fact that your campaign did not have the results as you expected, you must first see the logs of the system to know if the emails have been sent, if you do not know how to see the logs, you can see the statistics in the UI to recognize the tracking of openings or clicks inside your mail. Personally I have used PHPList for my campaigns and it has gone very well, the result outside the technical should refer to the type of content you have to attract potential customers and this means that this is not the right place to find teh answers related to your strategies of the content.

Search in google howto get the logs of the phplist or sendmail to see if the emails have been sent correctly, in case that is the cause, is that you have not installed the system correctly and you must fix it or hire a professional or get the services from PHPLIST.COM

Best regards,


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