Archive (not delete) previously SENT Campaigns

Hello All.

I’ve posted this question in via a different thread in the past, and thought I’d do so here in the Plugin Devs area.

Is it possible to get a Plugin that provides a option to ARCHIVE a sent campaign? Current action options include view, edit, copy and delete.

I’m sure there has to be enough of a usage request to justify getting this option implemented.

Short of that, can anyone recommend a PHPlist Plugin developer - within a reasonable budget - that might want to implement this feature?


@nathanlang You will need to explain what you mean by “archive” and the implications. What specific problem are you trying to solve - database getting too large or something else?

@duncanc Apologies for not explaining this correctly. I’m wondering if there is a way to get incorporated an Archive feature, so that previously SENT Campaigns can be archived, or at the very least NO longer show up under either the Sent or Active tabs? As the screenshots illustrate below?