Anyone know how to implement markdown for composing campaigns in phplist?

Hi there, new to the forum, but very optimistic about phplist. I use the plugin for phplist that enables CKEditor 4 so i can use the WYSIWYG editor. However, CKEditor 5 is available and it supports markdown. To be able to compose a campaign using an editor that supports markdown would be invaluable for my workflow, as i would be able to compose in obsidian or craft, then just copy and paste and it would be done!

Does anyone know how to :

  1. How to Switch out the editor from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5 in the CKEditorPlugin?
  2. enable markdown some other way in the phplist campaign editor?

would be grateful for any pointers! Thanks!

You specify the version of CK Editor with the Config Settings, towards the bottom. I used the cloud based so it pulls by the version specified. No, I haven’t moved to version 5 yet but I have moved from 3 to 4 plus a few incremental versions. Hope this is helpful.


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@BillWhammers What are you trying to achieve here? Do you want to send the campaign content as markdown, or do you want some markdown → html conversion take place somewhere.

From what I can see ckeditor 5 lets you edit and output the document as markdown.It doesn’t convert to html.

If that is what you want, then simply disabling the editor plugin and copying/pasting the markdown from your other tool. That should be sent as plain text.

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or do you want some markdown → html conversion take place somewhere

Yes, this is what I need. I see that I misunderstood what CK editor 5 offers. That’s for putting me straight.

Basically, I have a newsletter written in and I want to also send via phplist. If I just try to send the link from as a web page in phplist, it fails to render in the email due to the mail client blocking JavaScript commands. So I am trying to convert the craft document (which can be saved as markdown, textbundle and less helpful formats) to something that I can drop into the editor in phplist that will render in the campaign message. I couldn’t find anything that could take textbundle and convert to html yet so I was looking at markdown.

Any ideas on how to achieve what I need?

I have tried converting markup (that’s obviously my starting format) by dropping it into drafts and then saving as html and pasting that into the editor, but the formatting is trashed. The best I found so far is to export as html from bear as formatting is somewhat preserved (though it’s not perfect) but it’s very messy.

@BillWhammers There are stand-alone markdown to html converters in various languages that you might be able to run on your desktop.

Also some online converters such as if the content of your campaigns is not private.