Any WYSIWYG editor options for the templates?

I am reading the documentation here about working with templates for phplist.
In the center of the page there is a screenshot with a basic rudimentary toolbar, but in my case i only have a plain white box to type RAW HTML code and nothing else:

Although not ideal, I can handle HTML for the templates, but i need a few customers to modify their campaigns and they have no clue about editing code.
On the “Compose message” field during the creation of a new campaign, there is also no tools whatsoever to at least format the font of the message to be sent or add a picture.

This is very archaic.
Are there any WYSIWYG extensions, or wordpress integration tools or anything to make creating the campaigns a bit easier?
Thank you

@axmail On the Manage Plugins page you can enable the CKEditor plugin.

Ok thank you @duncanc
I am playing with it a bit now, is there a trick to change the DIVs background colors other than typing the hex code?
And what about the ability to upload pictures right to the server rather than using links for the images?

@axmail There is an image icon on the toolbar. In the config.php file you need to set UPLOADIMAGES_DIR

See config_extended.php for an explanation.

Got it!!
Thanks a lot once again

A side question, related…

I did set the option for the image upload directory in the config_extended.php file and it worked.
Today i changed a few options for MAILQUEUE_BATCH_XXX in the same config_extended.php and they were not working, then i read the documentation and it is very clear, that ONLY the config.php file is processed and if you want any of the options to work in the config_extended.php you either copy the options to the smaller file, or rename them to make the swap.
So i do not understand why setting the path for the image upload took effect, i did not copy the option to the smaller file.
Everything works now, i do not have any problem, but i am just scratching my head and wondering whether both files are being processed or only a part of the second one?

@axmail There is a default value for each setting, so I guess that you have used the same value.