Any Fallout From Upgrade to v3.5.2?

I just upgraded to v3.5.2 two days ago via the Update tab on phplist admin dashboard. It went same as always without any issues. Today my primary website that uses phplist is gone, HTTP 404 and I get a message “error establishing database connection”. The phplist upgrade was the only recent update I’ve done to my site. I’ve escalated the issue with my hosting company but wondered if my problem might be related to the latest version of phplist.

Any other phplist users experiencing a similar disaster?

I’ve installed a couple of times, and have not had any issues with connecting with the database. You would need to check the ~/lists/config/config.php to verify the database settings.

Thanks Dan. Yesterday all 5 websites in my Bluehost hosting package were hacked, and I mean hacked: first it was redirects to a bogus webpage, then HTTP 404’s, i.e., gone, wiped off the face of the world wide web. Bluehost is still in the process of restoring them from backup, but I was just doing the routine checklist “Have you made any recent changes to any of your sites?” and the only one was the phplist upgrade.

In the back of my mind I didn’t believe it was phplist, but just doing the standard retracing my steps. Today the primary site and my phplist admin account have been restored, which was the really bad hit.