Amazon SES setup. First time

Hi guys.
I setup the Amazon SES plugin in my phplist installation. I am absolutely new using AWS.
I managed to create the AWS access key ID and the secret access key. So i setup these in the phplist SES plugin options. Then found the option in AWS to verify the email address i intent to use for the campaigns.

Now i am trying to send the first test email, and i get an error:
MailSender http code: 400, result: Sender MessageRejected Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-EAST-1: 7405ef64-1204-487f-de38-f6243cd8eb8b , curl error:

the yahoo email is the one i am trying to send the test email to, but the sender email is the one i verified with Amazon.

Am i missing anything else?
Thank you

I noticed the “Production access” and sandbox limits set by new accounts in Amazon.
I already requested access for the limits to be removed. Im sure this is what prevents sending emails to any unverified emails.

@axmail While you are in the sandbox you can send only to verified identities

Thank you @duncanc
I await a reply from Amazon to see if they remove the sandbox limit.
In the meantime,
could you point me to a guide if there is anything about how to fully optimize phplist and the composition of the campaigns in order to avoid getting the emails sent straight to the junk mail instead of inboxes?

My server is a VPS, with a clean IP address, and although i tried having everything correct on my SMTP side, like spf, dkim, dmarc, i could’t make the first tests emails from phplist to reach the inboxes on my tests accounts at hotmail and gmail. I am also testing from cPanel and my email client on the computer with pretty bad results, so i hope setting up SES will help.
Thank you