Allowing campaign to be resent if email address changes

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Occasionally, a subscriber on my list will change their email address (because of change of ISP or similar). When this happens, any campaign sent to them shows as undeliverable. Once a campaign is sent to a subscriber, that same campaign will not be sent again.

I would like to suggest that if the list owner modifies the email address of a subscriber, and subsequently requeues a campaign that had been sent to the OLD email address, the system should allow the message to be delivered to the same subscriber, at the new email address.

If this is not possible, I’d like to suggest that a subscriber account be clonable, so when the new account is created (with a new email address), the history of the old account is transferred over.

@JEfromCanada The Campaigns plugin supports this scenario. You can resend a campaign to a set of email addresses, such as when a subscriber’s email address has been changed after bouncing. On the Manage Plugins page follow the Find Plugins link to see the available plugins.


Thank you for your response. I actually used to have the Campaign plugin active, but it somehow became deactivated during one of my phpList updates. I have now re-activated it. To be clear, are you saying that by “resending” a campaign WITHOUT SELECTING
EMAIL ADDRESSES TO SEND TO, any account that had a change made to their email address will AUTOMATICALLY be sent a new message, or am I still required to identify specific users that need to be manually added to the resend list?

Also, if I use the “resend” option without providing any email addresses, will the campaign be sent again to all the subscribers who already received it?



@JEfromCanada Using the resend function, you need to enter the email addresses of the subscribers to whom the campaign will be sent. But there is now a “Load bounced” button to simplify resending to bounced subscribers.

Thanks. I’ll have to try that.